3 Month Program

This program is a shorter version of my 6 Month Program which gives us enough time to focus on your primary concerns and desires. It’s perfect for those who are off to a good start on their health journey but need help implementing a few more goals. 

In this program we will look at some of the aspects that make up your health, from stress management and happiness to nutrition and sleep. Together we will bring attention to the areas that need most improvement first and will focus on your top 3 to 5 goals. Through goal setting and creating actionable steps you will gradually make positive changes to reach those goals. Over time, with my support and accountability, we will creating healthy habits that are sustainable and become part of your desired lifestyle.


The program consists of 6 sessions, meeting every TWO WEEKS for 50 minutes, via phone or Skype or in person during a period of 3 months. During our sessions we will discuss your goals and concerns, cover related health and wellness topics, and I will give you specific recommendations in an “Action Plan” that will allow you to seamlessly integrate healthy habits to reach your health goals. We will discuss your progress, challenges and victories. Each following session will build upon the last. Complete with food guides, meal plans (if wanted) and other resources that will be beneficial for your progress. I will also provide support between sessions, as needed, as well as my loving encouragement and personal commitment to your health and success.

By the end of the program you will overcome your challenges, reach your main goals, and create new healthy habits to continue on your journey of health and happiness. You will also have a new sense of love, support and care for yourself.


The cost of this program is $110 per month for 3 months. You do have the option to pay up front for a $15 discount.