Hey there! I really hope you enjoy my original, paleo-ish, vegetable focused recipes! There are a few things you should know before you proceed:

Most of my recipes are gluten free and dairy free but not always. I will list at the top of the recipe if it IS gluten, dairy, grain, etc. free. 

I NEVER use exact measurements in the kitchen. I’m way too impatient. Reflecting this fact, some of my recipes don’t have measurements. Some of them do but that probably means I just guessed when I put it on the site ;). I think cooking without measurements increases creativity and culinary expertise, at least that’s what I tell myself…I don’t usually cook with methods that require precision (baking excluded), so it’s not usually a big deal. Ninty-nine percent of the time, it turns out to be pretty tasty and I’m confident it will work out that way for you too! 

I absolutely love being creative in the kitchen and I encourage you to do the same! If you don’t have something a recipe calls for, think of something that you could use instead that you have on hand. I try to recommend replacement options for uncommon goods, but do the best you can with what you have! 

Another fun fact is that I am intolerant to most fruit. Praise the Lord, I can still eat avocados, coconut, lemons, limes, honeydew melon and cantaloupe until I’m green in the face but other than that, I stay away from most fruit. So you wont be seeing much of it in my recipes. Also, please note, most of my smoothies and juice recipes are fruit free, except for possibly a little citrus. I am used to these kinds of smoothies but if you’re used to the strawberry, banana, pineapple -types, you probably won’t find them that appetizing.  I definitely still recommend giving them a try because a huge perk about fruit free smoothies/ juices is that they won’t spike your blood sugar!! 

Recipe Archive

Vegetarian Tacos

Your perfect meatless Monday recipe! You won't even miss the meat in these perfectly balanced vegetarian tacos. The sweet potatoes and beans are baked so they add a warm and crispy texture to the tacos!

Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf

"BEST MEATLOAF I'VE EVER HAD" - Zach G. (my boyfriend).

Vegan Queso

OMGGGGG! I've never tasted something that tasted so much like the "real" thing! If it wasn't in the title, you'd never know this was free of any animal products! PERFECT for a vegan pizza, chips, meatloaf, french fries.. anything you can smother it on!

Coconut Curry Meatballs

Veggie PACKED meatballs with a sweet and salty coconut curry sauce. Almond butter is added to the sauce to give it that nutty Thai flavor!

Seared Ahi Bowl

Inspired by my love for poke bowls!!!! But couldn't get my hands on any sushi grade tuna. SO DELISH!

Paleo Chicken Tenders

My long lost love for chicken fingers has been reawakened with these baked paleo, chicken tenders!

Sweet Potato Hash

This may sound more like a breakfast entree but I have it for dinner a lot and it makes great leftovers! Never limit your bacon intake to just breakfast! As you can see from the photo, usually I pair it with a salad and another veggie ( in this case, asparagus).

Lobster Mac n' Cheese

Can you say "Comfort Food"? Mac and cheese was always my go-to when I was a kid. I truly felt comforted by it! Rarely do I have it anymore but when I do, you better believe there's going to be some fresh caught lobster in it (which is possible when your boyfriend's a lobster fisherman).

Breakfast skillet

It took a while to get away from cereal and bagels when I first started this health journey but now I seriously LOVE the hardy breakfasts that I come up with. Granted, I usually don't eat my first meal until 2 or 3 o' clock, but I still count it as my "breakfast."

Paleo Breakfast Skillet (For Dinner)

Who doesn't like breakfast for dinner?!!! I know, we are missing the pancakes here.. maybe you can have those for dessert ;).

Grain Free Granola

Crunchy, mouthwatering goodness is the best way to describe this grain FREE granola. It's loaded with healthy fat and is low carb!

Paleo Ketchup

Please don't buy the conventional ketchup, it's terrible for you..high fructose corn syrup - YUCK. Make your own! It's easy, saves well and is so yummy.

Cinnamon Role Muffins

GUYS THESE ARE REALLY GOOD. I didn't hold back on the sugar so, these are definitely a TREAT.. but they are gluten free and dairy free, so that's a WIN.

Gluten free Zucchini Tortillas

Heaven knows nothing is going to beat an old fashioned Mexican style, white flour tortilla.... Ok now we got that out of the way, if you're looking for a good gluten free, paleo taco tortilla, than these are your new best friend.

Kefir Bowl

This is a super simple recipe mainly just for inspiration to make super fun, healthy breakfast bowls! My mom makes the coconut kefir, and I'm not sure if you can get coconut kefir in stores, but you can definitely get coconut or almond milk yogurt, which is pretty similar!

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Because who doesn't want to enjoy an entirely grain free, gluten free pizza?! I promise, you won't even miss the wheat. This crust gets golden and crispy on the edges. It sticks together and doesn't crumble!

Gluten Free Banana Bread

I don't eat much fruit but when I do, it's usually in the form of banana bread (or wine). The bee pollen may seem like a luxury type add on but let me assure you, it is SO GOOD. It compliments the bread so well and if you buy local, it helps with allergies!

Lemon Poppyseed Bliss Balls

These are perfect for snacking! They're high in fat so you only need 1 or 2 to be completely satisfied. Perfect for between meals or for breakfast on the go!