Sauces, Spreads, Dressings and Dips

Vegan Queso

OMGGGGG! I've never tasted something that tasted so much like the "real" thing! If it wasn't in the title, you'd never know this was free of any animal products! PERFECT for a vegan pizza, chips, meatloaf, french fries.. anything you can smother it on!

The Best Hummus!

You guys know that I love all dips, spreads and dressings and hummus is not exempt! I don't eat a ton of legumes but when I do, garbanzo beans are some of my favorite!

Paleo Ketchup

Please don't buy the conventional ketchup, it's terrible for you..high fructose corn syrup - YUCK. Make your own! It's easy, saves well and is so yummy.