Single Strategy Session

A single strategy session is perfect for someone who’s already been focused on their health for a while and feel like they have a solid handle on most aspects of health but just need help with THAT ONE THING.  It may not be huge or life-changing , but it’s nagging and you’re ready to address it and move forward. You are ready for a health coach with some tools and support to step in and help you find clarity in it.


A single strategy session consists of ONE 75 minute session. In this session we will discuss primarily one topic that you are looking to change or improve, that revolves around one goal. In this session we will discuss this topic and what is holding you back from achieving it. I will provide my expertise on the topic, providing you with the education you need.  I will provide resources as needed as well as an Action Plan with actionable steps to take to reach this goal.


A Single Strategy Session costs $90.